Monday, May 6, 2013

Finishing the development of Beast Smash


Today concludes the development of the platform game Beast Smash. jahd Soft started developing this project in July 2012 and, ten months later the results appear after all this time.

The game takes us to the farm where a clever boy lives, David, and his uncle, a renowned scientist among farmers, who spent several years of his life to develop a substance that allowed farm animals grow many times their normal size. Unfortunately, this substance fell into the wrong hands, causing the growth of unwanted beasts. David is sent by his uncle to stop the evil farmer who stole the substance, And so our adventure begins!

Beast Smash is a platform game with pre-rendered 3D graphics high quality without affecting performance. Features interesting mechanics along the 40 levels, plus various beasts such as worms, frogs, wasps, and even carnivorous plants!

The game is also be available in Spanish, French and Portuguese. It will be available soon on Google Play for free.

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