Sunday, January 25, 2015

Beast Smash 2.1 Update Now Available

JAHD Soft is proud to introduce the 2.1 update of the FREE platformer game Beast Smash, in which the new soundtrack by the great CLBGM is included (you can here it from SoundCloud, but what better than enjoy it ingame?). Here in JAHD Soft, the user experience is our priority, and that's why we heard you and decided make the most awaited improvement in Beast Smash: Fullscreen gameplay.

For that, the annoying top ad was removed, and the game space was extended for you to enjoy Beast Smash with every last pixel of your screen.

Also, in this version, the level selection menu was simplified, and now the levels tab that you left off is selected automatically selected at startup.

Previous versions:

  • Added new control selection screen with playable testing
  • Few minor bugfixes

  • Improved ui layout and animations
  • Fixed severe bug in main platformer engine
  • Few minor bugfixes

    • Added support to x86 architecture
    • Increased performance by replacing collision system (smoother gameplay)
    • Fixed bug in 3rd boss and multiple bugs in Options Screen
    • It's now possible to skip the Intro screen
    • Fixed I18N problems

    • Fixed bug that would not let play the game if using Android < Jellybean