Monday, March 30, 2015

Pocket Rocket Now Available!

Jahd Soft presents Pocket Rocket, an easy to play arcade game that challenges your skills to maneuver  a rocket launched from the earth against the alien invasion. The course will be full of surprises, including birds and planes that cross along the way, as well as hostile UFOs that will try to bring the rocket down.

Will you be able to successfully maneuver to the top of the exosphere to knock the alien ship? Find out by downloading the game now!

How to Play

It's very simple. Tap an release to turn the rocket. Tap again to turn again. You must tap repeatedly at a constant rate to avoid flying out of the screen.


✓ Simple gameplay but a challenge to master
✓ Incremental difficulty
3D graphics and awesome particle effects
Share your score
FREE with no in-app purchases

 Descargar Pocket Rocket desde Google Play

¡Have Fun!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Beast Smash 2.1 Update Now Available

JAHD Soft is proud to introduce the 2.1 update of the FREE platformer game Beast Smash, in which the new soundtrack by the great CLBGM is included (you can here it from SoundCloud, but what better than enjoy it ingame?). Here in JAHD Soft, the user experience is our priority, and that's why we heard you and decided make the most awaited improvement in Beast Smash: Fullscreen gameplay.

For that, the annoying top ad was removed, and the game space was extended for you to enjoy Beast Smash with every last pixel of your screen.

Also, in this version, the level selection menu was simplified, and now the levels tab that you left off is selected automatically selected at startup.

Previous versions:

  • Added new control selection screen with playable testing
  • Few minor bugfixes

  • Improved ui layout and animations
  • Fixed severe bug in main platformer engine
  • Few minor bugfixes

    • Added support to x86 architecture
    • Increased performance by replacing collision system (smoother gameplay)
    • Fixed bug in 3rd boss and multiple bugs in Options Screen
    • It's now possible to skip the Intro screen
    • Fixed I18N problems

    • Fixed bug that would not let play the game if using Android < Jellybean

    Sunday, December 28, 2014

    Flappy Candy Now Available

    ENG / ESP
    Jahd Soft presents Flappy Candy, a simple game to play, in which you are a flying candy, trying to get as far as you can! A beautiful game to relax and have a lot of fun trying to get the highest score possible.

    Just tap the screen to fly trying to avoid the obstacles. A simple game, and a challenge to master!


    ✓ Simple one touch controls: Tap to fly
    ✓ Easy and very fun to play... and a challenge to fully master!
    ✓ Beautiful pre-rendered 3D graphics, with fluid gameplay in all devices
    ✓ No in-app purchases, totally FREE

    ¡Have Fun!

    Saturday, August 3, 2013

    New Beast Smash Update 1.9.4

    ENG / ESP
    We are pleased to announce that a new version of Beast Smash (1.9.4) is now available for download! The changes are:
    • Hidden distracting ui elements from the screen
    • Many optimizations
    • Fixed bug that caused that mobile antivirus (e.g. AVG, Avast) falsely detected the App as potentially unwanted application
    Some guy commented that his antivirus software detected Beast Smash as an unwanted App. After doing some research, there were lots of apps the antivirus wrongly detected as virus or malware, and that was because of a bug and required a little modification to fix it. Now is everything fine!

    To download Beast Smash, please click here:

    Get it on Google Play

    Tuesday, May 7, 2013

    Beast Smash NOW AVAILABLE

    ENG / ESP
    The first JAHD Soft game is now available worldwide in the official Android store. You can download it FREE using this link:

    About Beast Smash

    Beast Smash is a platform game with pre-rendered 3D graphics high quality without affecting performance. Features interesting mechanics along the 40 levels, plus various beasts such as worms, frogs, wasps, and even carnivorous plants!
      ✓ Awesome Graphics: Pre-rendered 3D smooth animations, candy for your eyes!
      ✓ Challenging Bosses: Including bosses every few levels with different behaviours to prove your skills.
      ✓ Medals: Get the gold medal collecting all the coins in a level. A harder challenge for hardcore gamers!
      ✓ Unlockables: Use the coins you collected across the levels to unlock new features. (doesn't require real money)
      ✓ Badges: Discover awesome badges that measure your gaming skills.
      ✓ Multiple Control Types: Play with a keyboard, virtual buttons in touch-screen or, if the screen is small, tilt your device to control the main character.
      ✓ Xperia Play Users: Select the Keyboard Only Control Type from the Options Menu.
      ✓ Original Story: Discover the whole story in-game.
      ✓ Multi-language: The entire game translated to multiple languages.
      ✓ ...and more!

    Monday, May 6, 2013

    Finishing the development of Beast Smash

    ENG / ESP 

    Today concludes the development of the platform game Beast Smash. jahd Soft started developing this project in July 2012 and, ten months later the results appear after all this time.

    The game takes us to the farm where a clever boy lives, David, and his uncle, a renowned scientist among farmers, who spent several years of his life to develop a substance that allowed farm animals grow many times their normal size. Unfortunately, this substance fell into the wrong hands, causing the growth of unwanted beasts. David is sent by his uncle to stop the evil farmer who stole the substance, And so our adventure begins!

    Beast Smash is a platform game with pre-rendered 3D graphics high quality without affecting performance. Features interesting mechanics along the 40 levels, plus various beasts such as worms, frogs, wasps, and even carnivorous plants!

    The game is also be available in Spanish, French and Portuguese. It will be available soon on Google Play for free.