Tuesday, May 7, 2013


The first JAHD Soft game is now available worldwide in the official Android store. You can download it FREE using this link:

About Beast Smash

Beast Smash is a platform game with pre-rendered 3D graphics high quality without affecting performance. Features interesting mechanics along the 40 levels, plus various beasts such as worms, frogs, wasps, and even carnivorous plants!
    ✓ Awesome Graphics: Pre-rendered 3D smooth animations, candy for your eyes!
    ✓ Challenging Bosses: Including bosses every few levels with different behaviours to prove your skills.
    ✓ Medals: Get the gold medal collecting all the coins in a level. A harder challenge for hardcore gamers!
    ✓ Unlockables: Use the coins you collected across the levels to unlock new features. (doesn't require real money)
    ✓ Badges: Discover awesome badges that measure your gaming skills.
    ✓ Multiple Control Types: Play with a keyboard, virtual buttons in touch-screen or, if the screen is small, tilt your device to control the main character.
    ✓ Xperia Play Users: Select the Keyboard Only Control Type from the Options Menu.
    ✓ Original Story: Discover the whole story in-game.
    ✓ Multi-language: The entire game translated to multiple languages.
    ✓ ...and more!

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